Lash Care Instructions


Be gentle - when removing you glam lashes, be gentle as possible when removing them from the packaging , use the lash to measure your eye so that they can fit your eye shape /clip unwanted ends.

•clip off unwanted ends and use the back of your lash wand or applicator to apply just enough glue  to the lash band let glue dry for atleast 30 sec ( You  want glue tacky)

Using your glam applicators place lash gently onto your eyelid aligned to the shape  of your eye , let dry for a few seconds and gently press down to secure !

•Remove glue- Be very careful you don’t wanna remove any curl remove any excess glue from the lash after every wear or a damp Q-tip with alcohol to loosen glue along the last strip

• Store safety in their case -use the original case given or case to keep your lashes safe and clean.


Don’t soak  in water -Never soak your lashes in water or any other liquid as it may ruin the shape and curl of the lash. May quickly rinse them and leave them to dry when needed.

Don’t use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals for this will damage or weaken the quality or look of your lashes.

glam those eye’s sis you are now a glambabe and ready to be Glamourous !