Glamyalashes FAQ

Q:How long is shipping ?

A: Shipping Is 2-3 Business Days 
Processing Is 1-2.

Wholesale Orders Processing 5-7 Days and 1-2 Shipping Days May Vary Based On Order Value. 

Q:How can I contact you for wholesale inquires ?


Q:How Do I Purchase Wholesale Lashes ?

A: wholesale product collection or search.

Q:Will my order be delayed due to COVID ?

A: Shipping Time may be delayed   and Tracking Number Updates  May Be  Delayed Due To The COVID-19 .We Will Notify You.

Q:Do YouShip Outside U.S ?

A: YES International shipping is available

Q: Where are you located ?

A: Detroit , MI Also Kalamazoo , MI.


Q: Do you do pickups or deliveries?
A: Pickups are available For Regular orders In our stated locations please contact us 248-550-0972 For inquires.

Delivery is not available at the moment.If In the area of location shipping is only 1-2 days depending on miles 

Q:Do you do pickups for wholesale orders ?

A: No pickups are not available for wholesale orders online/shipping only.

Q: Who do you ship with ? We currently ship with USPs Regular orders start at 2.80 and Wholesale are USPS Rates Always updated. 

Q:How can I contact you ?  Email and Txt is the fasted way to reach us for wholesale only !

Conact : 248-550-0972


Q : When do you ship out orders ?

A: Orders go out daily ! Before 2PM EST


Q: When do you restock items ?

A:All depends on the items.View social media @glamyalashes for all updates on products.


Q: Will I received all the styles I listed for wholesale lashes ? 

A:  a wholesale lash style listed at checkout DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL RECEIVE IT.Stating styles at checkout may not  be reflected in our inventory! And will be emailed for exchanges.


Q: How do I list styles for wholesale lashes ?

A:Notes are available below cart during the first checkout process.